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Coastside Commute Information

Visit Transportation System Management's Commute Information site for carpool, shuttle, and other commuting information in San Mateo County.

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Coastal Topography

Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the coastal hills, with a bustling metropolis just out of sight, the San Mateo County coast is in a unique position. Topography is gentle, climate is mild and each small community has a special character.

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Weather on the San Mateo County Coast

Average Daily Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
COASTSIDE 52 º 53 º 53 º 53 º 55 º 57 º 59 º 60 º 60 º 58 º 54 º 52 º
BAYSIDE 50 º 53 º 55 º 58 º 63 º 67 º 69 º 69 º 68 º 63 º 55 º 53 º

The average annual rainfall in San Mateo County is 20 inches. Eighty percent of the rainfall occurs between November and March, rain is rare from June to September.

In the summer months the temperature of the Pacific Ocean is much lower than the temperature inland in the Central Valley of California. This difference in temperature sometimes causes a brisk sea breeze to blow inland in the afternoons but often subsides by evening as temperatures cool.

Spring and summer winds strip away the warm surface waters of the Pacific Ocean bringing frigid waters to the surface. This frigid water, combined with warm wet air, creates a wonderfully thick fog that often cushions and cools the coastside in the summer months, especially in August. Often the fog burns off by noon and may return in the evening.

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Map of the San Mateo County Coast

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